Brand New(s)

Oh how we love brand. Well, good brand. The kind of brand that makes the connection with the audience in a way that allows the message you'd like to convey to really stick. You know?

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Ask us about creating the brand for our own startup. We put our best brand people on this project and had a blast creating it. Here's a's not done! Yep, we're treating the brand of our startup just like we're treating our startup. Wanna know more about "leaning" into a new brand. Ask!

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Mpls Donut Co.

When Mpls Donut Co. came to us, it wasn't even a company yet. It was an idea. So, we put our business hats on and helped them build the concept. Then we turned our attention to the brand. Look, we're not saying every mission is a moon landing. Sometimes, it's just a tasty treat. 

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Hand In History

A brand can make an impact even if the mission isn't revealed until after you get to know the product. So the promise the brand makes needs to follow through until the user can get the full experience. That's the case with the rebranding of the City of St. Paul.